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Case Studies

John Kimball has experience with a vast array of projects from his decades of service at L. Robert Kimball & Associates, most of which required coordination with state, federal, and local agencies. Each had unique challenges, but the firm was selected to manage all aspects of the projects, including marketing, short- and long-term strategies, budget understanding, the organization and selection process, funding needs and options, and selling strategies.



Education sector projects ranged from private Catholic schools for a large archdiocese to public schools.


Convention center projects have included both construction of completely new, multi-purpose facilities and environmental renovations of existing ones. Other projects in this category include courthouse and detention facilities.



Transportation projects were as varied as expressways, flight operations control centers, and the reconfiguration of a major 911 system.

Brownfield Reclamation

Adaptive reuses of industrial sites involved asbestos and lead paint removal as well as other forms of environmental remediation. Existing structures were demolished or reused, bringing previously abandoned sites back to life.



Multi-purpose parks and youth centers with ball fields are among the projects in this category.